Ch…ch…ch…changes, new baby and a new blog name.

It has been a long while since I have made a blog post. As many of you know I just had a baby which changed my focus. During my first and second trimester the very idea of food nauseated me. I was obviously not myself and being pregnant made it hard for me to want to blog about food or even look at food for that matter. I thought I’d be one of those pregnant ladies with crazy cravings, but instead, little baby kept me from eating so many of my favorite things. Well, my appetite is back! My temporary aversion to all things delicious was well worth it in turn for my little future foodie. I am ready to move forward with my blog, but in a focused direction.  I’d like to use this blog to showcase my fellow local food lovers, highlight food finds in the Salt Lake City area, and share a little part of myself along the way.

Why Yeti and Meow? My dear husband’s nickname is Yeti and my maiden name is Felix, like the cat, “meow!” (a name given to me by my bestie, Lyndsee Halls). Also, I changed it to set myself apart from a craft market that shared my old blog name.

Moving ahead, I’ll be making at least one post every Wednesday starting this holiday season. I will also return to being active on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and of course Facebook. I’ve considered Snapchat and others, so if there is anyone who’d like to see me on any other type of social media, let me know.  Thanks for following!



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