About Us


My name is Monica and I am the later half of Yeti and Meow. My husband Erik (Yeti) is my collaborator and creative culinary consultant. Yeti and Meow is a blog based out of downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, where we live with our son Maxwell and our cats, Jean Claw Van Dame, Bukowski, and Whispers. Yeti was born and raised right here in Utah, while I am a transplant from Arizona. I’m a lover of food, wine and creative writing. I eat a lot of cheese, I love classy cocktails, and desserts that are too pretty to eat. My partner in crime enjoys pickling, smoking, curing, and fermenting. Max is a fiend for fresh fruit and peanut butter.

Our blog is food-centric with an emphasis on the local Salt Lake City area. Much of our inspiration comes from friends and family, many of which are restaurant professionals and food lovers.